Github Import does not work

Hi, Unfortunately, I get error 500 when trying to import a project from GitHub. could you guys take a look at it?

I forgot to add - the last import was half completed - some files were not saved. Since then I can’t do anything.

Hi there! If you could include the link to the GitHub repo that would help troubleshoot, but if it’s part complete it could be that you’ve run out of space? In that case if you’re able to remove unnecessary files before import that might help. More info on disk space in our help docs:

Hello Sue, Thank you for the fast reply

I believe it’s not a problem with running out of a space…

The repository on Github is private, but access has been granted - lkincel/zibi2

The error is connected with “/opt/watcher/scripts/”

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The app uses only 4MB

Hmm are you able to try importing it into a new project? (Even just temporarily to help troubleshoot.)

Importing a repo into a new project works!

Fortunately, the project in question is a test/dev instance.
Could you confirm that the problem is not global? The production version of my Slack bot uses Glitch. We plan to update the app today…

Ah ok thanks for the update, it sounds like something in your project has gotten messed up, perhaps from a previous import - looks like it’s related to the “data” folder. It’s tricky to advise without being able to see the repo contents but there are similar issues on the forum in case any of the tips in those help.

You’re also more than welcome to open a support ticket if you’re able to share more info privately although our support response may not be in time for your release today…!

Thank you!
Surely, there is something messed up - a new project stopped working. Initial import works but following not.
I will open a ticket!
Best regards,

Ahh that’s annoying. Maybe worth looking at the contents of that data directory! The import is attempting to completely replace the contents of your project but failing on that folder by the sound of it, maybe check your .gitignore file? AFAIK projects use “.data” for database files so I don’t think it would be related to that being restricted in general.

Thanks! I believe the support team will help :slight_smile: It’s strange, yesterday I added a new feature to save logs to a file in the “data” directory.

Ah that might be what’s causing the problem, you could try emptying the directory from the terminal before importing again from GitHub?

@sue-smith I removed the file and the import started working! Thank you!

Oh good! :piñata: