GitHub import not recognized as static website


After importing my static website from york-solutions/fs-sample-app the app doesn’t run the logs show

jq: error: Could not open file package.json: No such file or directory

It doesn’t work until any file modifications are made which then restarts the server and then it is able to recognize that it’s a static website At least I think that’s what’s going on; there could be something else I don’t understand.


Looks like your on the right track, it seems to not realizing the package.json is gone when the import finishes so the static server doesn’t start. The watcher does restart as soon as a file is changed in the editor though. (@ devs: You can also recreate the issue by deleting package.json from the console and then refreshing the editor.) One thing I’ve done on a couple projects is to keep the package.json but update the start portion to just start up the static web server instead of running node:

"start": "ws --port 3000 --directory /app --forbid '/.env' --forbid '/.data' --log-format combined",


Hi all :slight_smile:

We just deployed a fix, let us know if it works for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting!


Thanks! That worked.