Github import will overwrite files in .data directory?

I have a database saved in .data directory in my project, and i want to import data from github, but, i’m afraid if my database in .data directory will be overwritten because the github import says “this will overwrite your current project”. But, I see from some question say if .data is a persistent directory in a project which is hidden and secured, and no one can access it. So, will a github import overwrite files in .data directory?

Hey @Jojo_the_Joker, yes, using the GitHub import will delete the entire contents of your project, including your .env file and .data directory.

You can use git manually in your project’s console to be able to pull in code from your GutHub repo without deleting your entire project, if that’s something that might help.

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So, if i use git pull to pull the code, it wont deleting the entire project?

Provided that the repo that you’re pulling in doesn’t have a file in that location that’s correct. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure you have a copy of the file the first time you try it just in case.