GitHub import without connecting an account?

I’m trying to import a GitHub repository of my own as a new project. Every time I try, however, I’m greeted with the error “Couldn’t clone , maybe it’s private?”. The odd space between “clone” and the “,” makes me think there’s a failing variable substitution someplace.

I’m wondering if this is because I haven’t connected my GitHub account. The repository I’m attempting to clone is public, so that shouldn’t be necessary. But I figured I’d ask because the import functionality in the “Tools” menu of the editor seems to be gated on connecting a GitHub account.

I’m not able to connect my GitHub account because I’m a member of an organization that I do not wish to give Glitch access to. I only want Glitch to access my personal repositories, however that appears to be entirely beyond my control.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for reaching out! Yes, you will need to connect your glitch account to a github account in order to use this feature.

Is it possible for you to create a new and different github account for this purpose?

It’s not ideal, but yes…I could. Thanks for confirming that this isn’t working because I haven’t connected an account. It would be, I think, helpful to update the error message to make the cause of the failure clearer. Also, when the import fails it’s unclear why a project was still created and even less clear where the project contents are coming from since the import failed.

Thats helpful feedback, thank you! I will be sure to share it with the team.