Github import works not


I can’t upload my project from github to glitch, i get the error: Arg, something went wrong. Try again? :@
I have my github project on Public and this is what i’m put into the popup in glitch: julianborghuis/cmfmradiotest


It works but it gaves my the error but its uploaded


Hey @julianborghuis, to confirm, you’re using this option to import your github repo into glitch, correct?

And you say that it’s imported properly when all is said and done but you’re seeing an error message during the process?

Can you let me know the project name that you’re importing into so I can take a closer look?


Yeah its on cmfm-radiobot


Hey @julianborghuis I took a look at this and can’t reproduce it - are you still seeing the problem? Can you share your GitHub repo location with me; perhaps it’s something to do with your repo (instead of with your Glitch project).