GitHub Importing Issues

Hey there,

I’m trying to import a GitHub repo into a fresh hello-express project on Glitch, but I keep getting an error saying “Arg, something went wrong. Try again? :@”

The project can be viewed here.
The GitHub repo is AriGibson/PersonalSite .

I’m ultimately trying to edit my code locally and push it to Glitch using GitHub webhooks. I’m using this tutorial by @noise-machines .

Thanks for your help!

Hey Ari!

Sorry to hear you’re running into problems. Do you feel comfortable hopping on a screenshare so I can understand the problem better?

If not, I’m happy to help as well as I can over text.



Hi Thomas!

That’s awesome that I get the genius behind all of it :stuck_out_tongue:. And yeah, I’m happy to screenshare! I’ll message you my AnyDesk and Teamviewer, your choice. Thanks so much!


Woops, I guess I can’t message because I just made an account…

No worries. Apparently I can’t either :joy: You can just send me an email: thomas [at]