GitHub imports silently fail when not logged in

We use Gomix for teaching students to code. In some exercises, we have starter files in a GitHub repo, and we give them a GoMix import link (for instance:!/import/github/Thinkful-Ed/react-paginator-starting-point).

Just discovered that these imports silently fail when you’re not logged in, and you just end up with a default Gomix. We can work around this and just not use the import feature, but ideally import would work when you’re not logged in, or barring that, would provide error message of some sort.

Hi benjamin,

thanks for reporting! We added the bug to the todo list :slight_smile:

Hi !

The bug doesn’t seem to be fully resolved. Only get a tiny modal with error message "Arg, something went wrong. Try again? :@ " which is not very helpful.

This occured when cloning this github repo thanks to!/import/github/sebsheep/aws-server

Hey @sebsheep the GitHub Import / Export features expects you to be logged in, which is why the user interface elements are blocked for anonymous / logged-out users. The anonymous alternative is to use the Clone From Repo model, which you could do with a url like!/remix/clone-from-repo?REPO_URL= and which seems to work as expected.

Is there a reason you’re using the Import instead of the Clone method (perhaps just discoverability)?

Yeah, indeed the “remix/clone-from-repo” seems to work fine. Moreover, this seems faster than the “import” method: I have the impression that with the import method, a default image is first loaded and then erased to actually load the repo.

What are the difference with those two methods @cori ?

Well, this is not that good. Sometimes (approximately one over 5), the clone fails.

I’m cloning with this url :!/remix/clone-from-repo?REPO_URL=