GitHub integrations broke after adding file to .github (found workaround)

I added the following file as .github/workflows/autoMerge.yml:

name: Automatically merge from
- glitch
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- name: Test
run: echo “Glitch branch was just pushed”

After doing this, the following problems emerged:

  • I couldn’t export to GitHub, even to a newly created repo
  • I couldn’t import from GitHub
  • The file I had created didn’t show up in the file navigator, so I couldn’t delete it
  • The terminal kept showing “transport error” so I couldn’t delete the file that way either

Additional info:

  • The url of the project is
  • It’s a private project
  • I’m a legacy user who can access private projects I made in the past despite having a free account
  • My computer is kind of slow

My workaround is to create a new project and import from GitHub. The terminal problem followed me to my new project, but then stopped happening after 10 minutes.

I’m unsure if the terminal issues are related to the GitHub issues, but I put them both in this post just in case

Update: It’s a week later and these problems are still occurring. Since no one replied I’m gonna rewind, which might take away the ability to investigate this problem

Hi there, sorry for the delay on response - I just flagged this to the eng team to see if they can replicate this and see what’s going on. In the future, you can email and we’ll be able to see stuff like this sooner!


Thanks for the response! Honestly it’s not a big deal for me since I found a workaround, and I mostly posted it to help you guys in case of related bugs, so I’m fine with the delay. I’ll remember about next time if it’s urgent.

Anyways, I renamed the buggy version of the project to “neuropyrox0” and named a different, non-buggy version as “neuropyrox”. It turns out the console issues were just my computer being slow, so I ended up deleting the autoMerge.yml file. Github integrations still didn’t work, I tried rewinding. The rewind took forever (2+ hours), and when I refreshed the page nothing had changed. The lag is isolated to this project cause rewinds finish in 10 seconds on my other projects (just tested).
For now I’m leaving neuropyrox0 alone in case it needs to be investigated.