.gitignore won't update

My project’s editor has been acting rather strange lately, in the way that it hides and shows files.
Our .gitignore file doesn’t seem like its actually updating which files are actually shown, when we remove an entry from it and either refresh the webpage or use refresh in the editor, nothing changes.

Some of the files that we need to edit have been accidentally hidden, and now we are unable to work on them, except with the command-line editor or exporting the project.

Is anyone else having this issue?

The project is werewolf-utopium, but its private. Glitch team, feel free to dig if you want

Edit 1: When I removed the .gitignore file completely, our .sqlite files showed up, but not any other folders or files that were hidden. What im missing right now is /app/commands/logs and /app/logs, there may be others I’ve forgotten about

My log folder and my .log files also aren’t being exported to github, but my sqlite files are. All of those were in the .gitignore originally, and I removed .gitignore completely.

Try running refresh in the console. This is most likely the case because it won’t check all the time so refreshing will look for these kinds of things

I already tried that, and I tried enable-pnpm to make it recheck everything

That’s strange in that case your project might need a hard restart from Glitch.

I think by default when .gitignore is added it doesn’t do the . files & folders.

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I don’t have any . files or folders im trying to find, i need /app/logs and my *.log files
I also don’t have a .gitignore file anymore, hence the problem

oh that’s unfortunate

@glitch_support any help? This is kinda impeding our workflow

support@glitch.com could work. I believe glitch is open right now.

I kinda cough forgot the password to my email, and im trying to get back in :joy:

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HAHA SUCCESS!! im back in my email and just sent a message

Hey @shadowdevelopment, sorry for the bother. I took a look at your folder and there’s something odd going on there — I’m going escalate this to investigate further.

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