Give user access to edit one single file

Hey there! I was wondering if there is a way to give a user edit access to one single file. Thanks in advance for your reply! :slight_smile:

If there is not, is there a way to restrict their console access?

Hey @JonasTheGamer right now the only kinds of access you can grant are to invite someone to the project (or a team the project belongs to) making them a project member with full access to edit all files and see the logs and console, or to invite someone to help by using the Raise Your Hand feature, which grants them temporary access to all non-hidden files and the logs, but not the console. There’s currently no way to restrict access to a subset of files.

Hope this helps!


I have moved this over to the “Feature Ideas” Category, make sure to vote for it yourself if you have not reached the maximum amount of votes you have! I myself would like to see this in the future!