Give your apps superpowers! 💎

hi pals, i wanted to let you know that, if you haven’t heard already, we officially launched our new paid subscription plan. it’s just the start of big things to come for those of you creating apps to bring your big ideas to life!

we’ve been so impressed and wow’d by the things you all create and share in here, and that collaboration and openness to ask questions and help out others is what makes the glitch community truly the friendliest community of coders! and your feedback on how glitch can best serve you is what helps us make the product better and serve those needs. i hope you’ll subscribe and continue to share what you’re working on and spread the word to other friendly folks who can use code to solve problems and express themselves like we all have been doing in here.

to learn more, check out the pricing page. i also encourage you to read how community engineer, melissa - who some of y’all will recognize here in the forum, uses boosted apps to power up their work!


if we upgrade to the paid plan will the annoying 20 project limit become unlimited or stay at 20 projects?


Hi, so subscribers are not limited to 20 apps! But, I want to stress that subscribers still need to follow our Terms of Service, and if we find that they are automating resources or causing instability for other users (by keeping many many projects awake, for example), we will have to limit those projects.

Our key goal here is not to be annoying - it’s keeping Glitch stable for everyone and that includes users who aren’t paying.


I wrote a little post, on how you can run multiple bots and programs at the same time to maximize efficiency for the cost of disk space and memory. Like when your discord bot is doing nothing you can run other programs.

Hello @jenn, what is the official policy for uptime/awakethis apps supported now that glitch is selling that added value natively ? Where can we as user see if we have more than 20 24/7 running ? thanks

is it possible that the 20 app limit could be removed at some point in the future?

Hi @jenn,

This is an amazing new feature and something I’ve been needing for my app. I also love that there’s now a way to financially support Glitch!

I made an open source, full-stack framework and I was genuinely surprised at how easy it was to get it working on Glitch. However, on first run, it takes a lot of processing power — enough that without a boost, it crashes.

I’d love to have the ability to not only boost this app, but also have that boost apply to apps that are remixed from it, so other people can try out my framework without any issues.

The way I’d imagine this would work is I could assign all my boosts (5) to my single app and, when someone remixes it, they get a notification that their app will be boosted for 3 hours. When that 3 hours runs out, the boost returns to me.

This would make Glitch the perfect the platform for letting other people try my framework out. Thank you for your consideration :blush:

I waited for a paid plan for like over a year now hahaha and it’s finally here!

  1. To get this right, for $10 a month, All my projects will have no ratelimits regarding requests and only 5 projects will never go to sleep and will have increased Space(200->400MB) + RAM(512->~2000MB)?
  2. What if I want to “boost” more than 5 projects, what’s the catch here?

Hi there - we don’t have an official policy because, as y’all noticed with this limit change this week, we’re still working on how to ensure everyone has an equitable app-running experience. For now, we are not banning Uptime Robot, but if we find that using tools like that makes it hard to give everyone a good experience, we will have to explore that further.

As for how users can tell if they have more than 20 24/7 projects running, the only indicator at the moment is when other projects are unable to start up. The team is working on improving this experience!

Anything is possible, but I don’t anticipate us removing that limit for unpaid users in the near future!

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Thanks @panphora for the kind words and also this great feedback! I’ll pass it onto the folks who work on this, we too have been brainstorming ways to empower boosted app creators to empower their remixers!

@Min you’re correct on 1. As for 2, we do not give users the ability to boost more projects yet, but a lot of y’all have been asking for this and team working on this is well aware!

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I have a feeling the app limits will force people to make MANY MANY MAANY more accounts, overwhelming the glitch databases @jenn