Giving help and using private projects


I’d like to give help to get access to the custom domain feature, but I don’t see any documentation or links to see people needing help. Where is this?

Also the documentation says you can make a project hidden, but my project has no lock icon like the ones in the example GIF to click. Why is this?

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Hello @cbenard,

For your first question, You can add a custom domain with 2 options.
Option 1:

  • Go to your project and go to the bottom left “Tools section”
  • Click “Custom Domains”
  • Enter in your url you would like to link.
  • Go to your domain control panel. Go to the DNS configuration.
  • Use @ if the url you used is an apex link ( or the subdomain if you used one (
  • Have the DNS configuration point to “” or else the link you were provided with on glitch!
  • All done! (Test and see if it works).

Option 2:

  • Go to the website:
  • Create an account (Or login if you already have one).
  • Go to the following page => (Only shows page when logged in**)
  • Click the “New site” option.
  • Select “Hosting service” and glitch “Glitch”
  • Enter the URL of your glitch project.
  • Enter the domain you are using.
  • Go to your dns configuration and set the host pointing to the link you are given!
  • All done! (Go to the middleware and add https upgrader to use https instead of http)

** I recommend option 2 if you would like to have your site secured with https

For the private project option, Just go to your project and click on the “Share button” then click the lock!

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For the custom domain, I was trying to use option 1, but I am told “Help others and get thanked 2 more times to use this”. However, there are never any outstanding questions to help anyone with. Is there a way to nicely request access to this feature?

Regarding the private project, thank you for the instructions. The documentation on the site shows a different process (the project properties).

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The method of locking a project was changed a few weeks back so that could be the cause of that,
For the other problem, you can use option 2 and you will not need any thanks to proceed with that option!