Glitch 1000 hours

hey, I heard there was a new thing about how you have 1000 hours of keeping your project up every month, how do I get this?

Hey @Milo123459,

To make Glitch accessible for everyone, apps created on Glitch are given a monthly allowance of Project Hours.

  • Every registered user gets 1,000 free Project Hours on the first day of each month.

  • Anonymous users get 120 free project hours. To get additional hours, the anonymous user will need to register an account or transfer project ownership to an existing Glitch account.

Project hours are spent when:

  • The project is being actively edited

  • Someone accesses the user-facing side of a Glitch project that is not a static site.

Registered users can see how many project hours they have by going to their Projects Dashboard.

  • The project hours limit does not apply to Boosted Apps.

  • If you are a Glitch Member the monthly allowance of 1,000 project hours will be applied to any non-Boosted apps that you own.

  • If your Glitch Membership lapses or you decide to cancel it, your apps will start using Project Hours once the subscription is no longer active.

Your projects will still sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity and will not be online 24/7. Only static sites are online 24/7 and they do not sleep.

Read more:’s-the-deal-with-project-hours/#How%20many%20Project%20Hours%20do%20I%20get?

Hope this helps!


If it reaches 1,000 Hours, does your site get deleted?

Not at all, your projects won’t run (except for Static Sites) until the next month (which is when your Project Hours gets refilled)

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