Glitch and Gomix

Was Glitch previously callled Gomix?


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Yep and HyperDev :slight_smile:


It was changed to Glitch because it sounded like a bad word in Russian or something


Dang @EddiesTech, i was just typing that


FUN FACT: redirects to, while redirects to just


I see. When I first heard of Glitch, I thought- Wait, it must be something of poor quality. I would never use it. And that was only because of the name (Glitch)!

… which is why I was asking.

For reference, look at jedmeyers’ comment:

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Thank you for pointing me to that comment!

I found this-

Before time began, there was the cube. there was FogCreek Software. We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create web apps and websites and fill them with life. That is how it became Glitch, after journeying though HyperDev and Gomix.

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@khalby786, I believe #uncategorized was the best place for this because I am not asking help with any Glitch feature or something similar.

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I also found this-

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Well, you’re asking something related to Glitch (to be precise, Glitch’s history). Feel free to change it back!

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah yes, there was also third name for those curious

hyperdev made sense since glitch reloads fast
I think that was my first post in fact

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While we’re talking history:

And also:

Lately, Pirijan is working on a cool site called which I enjoy using for planning and tracking.


Oh hi,

I’m the co-creator and original designer of Glitch. I don’t work there anymore though – as SteGriff mentioned, now I’m making kinopio. I’m just popping in :slight_smile:

Another reason we originally used the name HyperDev, is because we were inspired by hypercard and it’s general mission of encouraging more people to create their own tools, worlds and games using computers.

We later dropped the name because we didn’t like how the ‘Dev’ part implied that this was mainly for developers, which people would interpret to mean ‘professional developers’.

As I recall, we then switched to Gomix because Anil couldn’t get his first choice (Glitch) at the time. No one really liked the name Gomix though. Internally, we thought it sounded more like a brand of trail mix.

Later on, Slack (and their legal team) liked us more, and we were able to get the Glitch name and domain from them.