Glitch API /boot issue

For some reason when I send a request to it seems to send me a 302 HTTP status code. For the current project I’m working on I need to send a request to that URL to receive the gitAccessToken.

This is the code I have so far.

	 * Fetch the final `gitAccessToken` from Glitch.
	 * @param persistentToken The `persistentToken` received after login.
	public final (persistentToken: string): Promise<string>
		return new Promise<string>(async (resolve, reject) => {
				const { data: { user: { gitAccessToken } } } = await Session.API.get(BOOT, { headers: { Authorization: persistentToken } });
			} catch (error)

This is the error I receive:

When inspecting the editor when it does the exact same it receives a 200 status code, and also receives the user object with a gitAccessToken property.


Might want to contact and ask them to change the headers? Not so sure.

Yeah I know, I did that something like 1 month ago I’m pretty sure, mighta email them again I suppose :stuck_out_tongue: