Glitch API Docs?

On this forum, i found some links to the domain. That looks like some kind of API. But only returns "yo". Is there some kind of documentation?


The documentation isn’t publicly documented yet. It’s something we plan to get to in the coming months.


+1 :+1:

That would be really nice. In the meantime, are we allowed to use the API such as anyway?

Edit: Yes, we are. See Are we allowed to use

Any news on the API docs? I’m especially interesting in the ability to show the edit view with a specific file opened instead of the ReadMe.

If you mean in an embed, you can already do that with the path attribute - see

Thank you for your reply. I meant not embedded. – Use case is:

  1. My page discusses the problem and invites the reader to “Run and edit/remix in Glitch”
  2. The link brings the reader to Glitch with the example open in Run mode. – The output of the example.
  3. The example enables the user to try out the software. When they click “Edit / remix in Glitch”, the link opens the Glitch editor to the right file. (The example has many files.)

So in 1 you can use the project’s publish URL e.g. and in the output in 2, you can link to the editor specifying the file you’d like e.g.!/dx?