Glitch API SDK - glitch-api


A Node.js module that allows you to easily interact with the Glitch API


  • 99% coverage of the known Glitch API
  • Support for authorization
  • Class abstraction
Warning: this module uses unstable API that hasn’t been officially released yet. Described only world-open methods from this unofficial site and my researches


NPM page: click
Glitch project: click
GitHub repo: click


Node.js 8.0.0 or newer is required


npm i glitch-api -s

Example usage

const { Glitch } = require('glitch-api')
const glitch = new Glitch({ token: 'xxx' })
const { api } = glitch

api.users.get({ id: 1 }).then(user => {
  console.log(user) // User<Object>


Feel free to contribute to the project using GitHub!

You can contact me in DM:

Give your thoughts on this project here :pray::wink:


Excellent work! With nicely documented API methods.
What bugs me is that why Node.js 12 is required. Node v12 is the so-called “beta” version for Node.js which not all the users have, so perhaps, change the engine to Node v10.

Again well done! I will see if it requires some modification.

Hello @chroventer,

The reason why version is really high is that only in Node 12.x I’ve managed to work with URLSearchParams class (doc). I’ll try to find a polyfill for it or write own wrapper in the next version. (the node version will be >=8.0.0)

Glad you like it!

@jarvis394, you can do something like this in older versions of Node:

const { URLSearchParams } = require('url');
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Yes, already realized, but thanks!

Released 1.3.1, must be all done.

Tests added :sweet:
Node version: >=8.0.0

@chroventer, will you continue to develop your glitch API docs project? It will be really handy for me!

I am willing to continue the project.