Glitch API to retrieve Git URL?


Does the Glitch API support getting the Git URL for your project? I’d like to manage and deploy a large number of projects using git, and it’d be nice to retrieve the URL w/o having to go to


You could do something like this
I don’t know if this helps

TOKEN is a user token to identify you which you get from the editor, this part stays the same with each project

PROJECT-NAME is self-explanatory, it is your project name

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But the problem is who ever have the git url can push and pull request to the project

No, because anyone not a part of the project get a error saying they are not authorized

so everyone has a unique token for git url (for the auth, and not authed to be possible)

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Ah okay, so it is NOT clear that the token at the start a projects git URL is a personal token. Upon further inspection each of my projects’ git URLs start w/ the same token. Is this specified anywhere in the Glitch documentation? Think it ought to be called out, that’s a big deal…