Glitch app not starting


My app at!/get-url-meta gets stuck on “Starting…”. Could someone please help me out?

it appears to be working for me!

have you tried refreshing?

Yup. I tried refreshing a couple of times. <— See here

if it is a node app, make sure you have a start command set:

scripts: {
  "start": "node app.js"

or plain html, make sure you have an index.html file present

I have this in my scripts:
"start": "npm i && node meta.js"

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Try removing the npm i and try again.

Okay. It was fixed after I changed:

app.listen((port, hostname) => {


app.listen(port, () => {
   console.log("Running on", port);

This fixed it for me, I was getting the following error:

/opt/watcher/app-types/node/ line 51: vite: command not found

please don’t respond to 2-year-old posts. his problem was solved, and most likely wouldn’t need an answer now anyways.