Glitch assets are down?

I was going to worn on one of my sites, but the assets weren’t loading.

Project Link

I haven’t noticed anything about this anywhere, so I thought I’d send a message about it.

It’s probably gonna take me a while to respond, just so you know.

I haven’t noticed it being down. Can you try opening an asset in a new tab to see what the browser says about it not loading?

Sorry, I currently am out on a trip, and don’t have a computer, so I can’t use the devtools now. But I’d love trying test it when I get back in ~2 weeks.

on a trip

that’s interesting, maybe different Internet service providers are having different opinions on whether the glitch cdn domain is in good standing.

can’t use devtools

for this action, phones’ long press+open image in new tab suffices too.

I don’t believe it’s the Wifi, because I’ve been moving a round to different networks, and that hasn’t changed anything.

Another one of my projects that seems to suffer from this is Corpse.

The font should be loaded, but it’s using the default font.

Note that it’s not so much about your connectivity so much as whether the ISPs in the country/countries you’re travelling in block certain content. For example, from Canada I can see both your projects loading perfectly fine, so it’s possible that the content is getting blocked at the ISP level (or even national level depending on which country you’re in).

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If you’re talking about Corpse… Which I hope you are… Then: You can’t. It’s bugged.

Sorry, I’ve been trying to edit the game recently.

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