Glitch Basics: How to create a topic on the forum (a.k.a a post)

How to create a forum topic

A part of Glitch basics, a series of tutorials to help you with Glitch!

  1. Open the topic creator by clicking the “New Topic” button.

  1. Create a title. This describes your post in 50 chars or less, like “Why is ‘markdown-it’ not defined” or “Why will my Discord.js bot not connect to Discord?”. The title is the first thing that’s seen before someone decides to read about your problem in depth so try to summarize your problem in it.
  2. Choose a category. This helps people sort out posts easily. Like you would use #discord-help for help with a discord bot or #feedback to provide feedback on Glitch/it’s services (like the editor, or this forum). Here is a list of categories that are used frequently:
  • #glitch-help: Help with Glitch and it’s services (like the forum, the editor, the website, etc)
  • #discord-help: Help with Discord or it’s API.
  • #coding-help: Help with your code (like “why isn’t [something] defined”, or “why is [module] not found”)
  • #feedback: Feedback about Glitch and it’s services (like the forum, the editor, the website, etc)
  • #tutorials: Wanna tell users how to [something]? Post it in #tutorials!
  • #the-gallery: Wanna show of your project? Post about it in #the-gallery! (don’t post WIP or projects not made with glitch here)
  • #uncategorized: Something that does not belong to the any of the categories above or you don’t know what category to post your topic in!
  1. Insert some tags here to help identify your post (like #javascript, #html, #python, etc)
  2. Describe your problem, instead of just “i have problem, plz help”, give us the error, project name, and maybe even some screenshots.
  3. Click the “Create Topic” button. You can get a answer in up to 24 hours. Sometimes, it can be a few minutes if it is daytime in EST.


  • For report malicious projects, email
  • Please use the search feature and try to find the answer to your question that way
  • Please don’t bump old posts, instead make a new topic.
  • If you see spam or something inapporiate, you can flag it by clicking the flag icon. If a post gets enough flags it will be hidden

Isn’t this a bit related to discourse?

Most of it is self explanatory.

Exactly. How are these different than your post other than the fact that edits can be made?

Yea, this sounds like a different sort of post as it explains what each textarea/button is for rather than answer smaller questions

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Some people might not have used a forum before, or have used a forum with different names for buttons. For example a topic was a called a thread in some older forum, and instead of a heart for likes they used a thumbs up. Some forum systems only have tags and not both categories and tags.

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Yea, some forums have features that are not so obvious how to activate, for example in the spigot forum to link a post you have to click the number.

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