Glitch being cached? Changes not reflected?!?

Having issues with a glitch.
I’ve changed a simple line in the code from:

console.log(“APPID=” + app_id);

console.log(“APPID1=” + app_id);

and the chance is not reflected.
the logs just say:

I try changing it to different things, but the output is the same.
Also, I’ve added a few new lines of code, like new console.log statements below that, they dont appear. It’s like my code is being cashed. How do I prevent this?

Hi there - can you share what project you’re having this issue with? Is it a project that has a build process that may possible not be triggering, and are the console logs on the client side or server?

If you want to keep the app private, email us at and we can take a look!


I was about to write an email detailing it all, and it started working.
I have the email in draft, so if it happens again, I’ll reach out.

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