Glitch Bios can be way too long

Just wanted to point out that Glitch bios can be made so long that they can end up destroying the page.


Might want to send Glitch an email about that. But I am pretty sure that along with the markdown fixes pointed out by @jenn, they will also fix this


How is this destroying the page? Do you mean the lagging/white-screen thing?

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Its just insanely long.

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It’s even more terrible on mobile.

What would you consider a reasonable length - like how much space would you need before it’s either too short or too long?


I would say 280 characters (the limit on Twitter) as this allows for a good, short and straightforward introduction to you/your project that can be further continued in a readme without the ability to ramble on, take up Glitch’s space and create spam.


Possibly even less, with markdown you can make text massive.

I’m personally on the side that giving fewer characters holds back creativity on the only part of the profile page (besides the feature embed) that lets users express themselves - but I’ll pass on the feedback! If you find that users are using this space to ruin your experience, though, do let support know!

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I totally agree, the bio should be a place to talk all about yourself.

However, having too much room makes bios great for link farms and keyword stuffing.

Oh yeah, we’re aware of the spam - I thought this was just in general for all users.

Yes, it’s about the whole service altogether. Allowing the user to make as big as a bio as @RiversideRocks’ breaks the page. So there should be some sort of limit. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 280 characters as I suggested, but just not unlimited as there will be some people who can exploit it to break browsers and stuff when people visit their profile just from how big it is, spam or not.


I think Glitch should limit bios, but you could could be able to email Glitch to increase it.

15000 characters

I’m with @jenn :surfing_woman: here, adding a character limit feels kinda restrictive, especially when you want to add stuff and you only need to type just one more word when the number of characters exceed the limit and then you have to think of another shorter bio :frowning_face:. Also, :glitch: 's bio uses markdown, so characters for markdown formatting will probably get counted.

A better solution, where everyone is happy, is to collapse :arrow_up: the bio if it is longer than a certain number of characters. There can be an Expand :arrow_down: button that’ll allow users to read your full bio if they’re interested, and those who’re not interested can just scroll past the collapsed bio.

Cheers :v:


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