Glitch browser console

I am missing the browser console in Glitch. Since I‘m developing on mobile, I don‘t have access to browsers Dev Tools.

Codepen and JSFiddle seem to have that feature.

Can you please build one in Glitch as well.

Glitch has a log but I do not know if you can check that on phones.

Yep, just go to tools > logs

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the OP is referring to the DevTools, like the Chrome DevTools that allows you to debug frontend code.


I do not use Codepen or JSFiddle so I do not know what that is. Cannot users already do everything that can be done in the Dev Tools in the editor already?

Nope. The project logs are for server files only. Console actions in client side js are outputted to the browser console in the app preview - not the project logs. It is quite frustrating when you’re trying to build a static app and there are errors you can’t see. The best workaround is just adding a window.onerror event and wrapping don stuff in try ... catch blocks.
You have my vote!


Are you on ios cause on android I believe you can type chrome://inspect to enable devtools
ios can’t have devtools because it’s actually just an apple browser engine in a chrome ui

just tried chrome://inspect- didn’t work

I’m going to check with my android emulator real quick
but first update…


first… i just checked chrome://chrome-urls and no option is available

That’s cool :slight_smile:

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yeah it doesn’t always exist yet :frowning:

there, you can crash your browser and play the famous dino game

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ah yess! The old days!


yeah, the inspect tool shouldn’t be in chrome mobile, but you can use Chii to debug

When me gpu used to die, I had the peace of mind to type chrome://restart to fix it
someone might make an app that implements devtools protocol some day I guess


yeah… i’ll be waiting for that day :wink:

off-topic: you always make the same mistake like me :winkL

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lol, what are the chances of that happening… thanks QWERTY!

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I at least make a spelling mistake/typo while typing five times a day.

javascript:(function () { var script = document.createElement('script'); script.src=""; document.body.appendChild(script); })();

anyways use that bookmarklet and go to to inspect the glitch app


Ahem, ahem. :smirk::wink:

guess you started using Chii, I thought you never saw that post about Chii in the GlitchyPastePen forum