Glitch buy package

There is any package i can buy on glitch? we want use glitch for our bot

You can create any project on Glitch for free.
Here’s some info:

Hey @hasanakayra04 we don’t have any paid options right now but we plan to in the future. We expect that anything you can currently do will remain free, but may offer things like expanded project capacity - we’re still figuring out exactly what those things will look like.

Is there something in particular that you’re concerned with?

what i need to do for expanded project capacity?

and what i need to do for Always On?

Hey @hasanakayra04 perhaps I wasn’t clear enough in what I posted; we don’t have any paid options or packages available right now, including Always On. We’re still working out the details of how things like that might work, and I don’t have a timeline on when we might be able to get to it.

okey i got it i am asking where i need to apply for expanded project capacity and always on?

We’re not far enough in the planning process to consider any sort of applications or requests for this feature yet - we’re not even sure what form it will take. I think it’s safe to say that ,any people are interested in this, and we’ll make sure we keep everyone up to date if anything changes.

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so what i need to do for expanded project capacity?

Irrelevant but I’m your 1000th heart :slight_smile:

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@hasanakayra04 there isn’t anything you can do for that; we don’t offer it yet.

@cori so you guys have been talkign about paid plans for months. I wonder how much longer will it take for Glitch to make it happen. Doesn’t sound too good that it will be this year because 3 months ago iirc it was said in “2-3 months” and this is now yet nothing has happened to this day…