Glitch check whenever the project has changed

Is there a way to check when a person edits some part of the project? Like, I want to make the project detect when a folder has been changed and send a message, by e-mail for example saying that folder X has been modified

As far as I know, there is not, however, you can look at revisions of your project and see if there are any new ones since you last visited (you can do that by typing rewind on a project’s search bar).

Well,thanks. I already know that :slight_smile:

Actually I just looked at revisions and you can see who edited your project when but I don’t know if that fully answers your question.

not really but thanks,I am looking for maybe some fs script to detect a change at any folder

@brubruninho2002 if you are looking for spoon feeding, we don’t do that. I suggest that you stay away from this as projects refresh every edit.

You can use my library for communicating with Glitch: glitch-api

With it you can connect to the project by WrbSockets and handle rename directory message.

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@jarvis394 I mean, it will probably get suspended.

@SuperWaltC, it wouldn’t. It doesn’t break any Glitch rules, because they would need to restrict access to API at all.

@brubruninho2002, check out chokidar library. It should help you with your request

For the amount of requests. It is multiple people.

Which requests? It connects to the WS as your project page does. Then, you can listen through the messages and filter them by your needs

The webpage to update it on glitch

hi @brubruninho2002 - no, we do not currently have an public API for tracking file changes (although you can certainly access the git history), and we also do not have one for allowing app members to contact other app members within Glitch.

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