Glitch+ (Chrome Extension)


What is Glitch+?

Glitch+ is an Google Chrome extension made to extend functionality of

What does Glitch+?

Currently Glitch+ allows you to scale down “Black Lives Matter” banner, so you can get more space for editor. It also add’s “Custom Theme” button to navigation bar which allows you to change basic theme colors of the editor. Example is below.

Anything else?

Glitch+ will have more features, just wait for them to be added. Check this post every week for new updates, if they are out I will post it about it!

How to install it?

  1. Download following file
  2. Open Extensions page image
  3. Enable “Developer Mode”
  4. Un-zip the file you downloaded and remember the location of the folder (which appears after un-zipping) image
  5. Install extension through “Load unpacked” (when it asks for the file, choose the folder you remembered) image
  6. You are done, yey. Now you can go to Glitch editor and check it out!

If you have any questions or you want to provide an feedback, you are free to do so!


if its downloadable, its open source in my book.

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What do you mean by that? Also even tho you can view .js content you can’t understand or modify the code lol.

*grants write access via notepad

Well what’s your feedback?

Sounds cool! But to @code-alt’s point, you are making it open source as it is all client side.


ya you can change them all

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I updated description. Did you try it out? What’s your feedback in general?

Instead of completley hiding the BLM banner I suggest you slide it out using jquery if the user hovers for more than 10 seconds at the top. Or you can show it after more than 1 minute of inactivity.


I recommend you add a close button instead of removing it, since it was put there for a reason. Removing it is actually quite disrespectful and goes against the whole, don’t keep quiet and fight racism. I’m quite confused as to why you would want to remove a message that matters. It’s just quite offensive.


It’s easier to remove it than actually put a close button, but yeah I agree with you.

FYI, there’s already a browser extension made by @avigoldman, see Browser extension - Glitch superpowers for your browser 🎏 but I kinda like the theme option.

Love it ! :slight_smile:

You can make it look like Matrix :laughing:

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And why don’t you add it to the Chrome Web Store so that it’ll be easier to install the extension.


He needs to have a Google dev account, it needs a payment.


I would definitely add to that store, and I wouldn’t require you go through that installation pain, but unfortunately the dev account registration costs :confused:


Thanks for you guys feedback. I will add close button to dismiss it!

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Phase 1 (this week)

  • Instead of auto-removing BLM banner, I will add close button to dismiss it.
  • Add “character count” and “lines count” feature

Phase 2 (next week)

  • Option to modify border colors using CustomTheme.
  • More custom theme options

Phase 3 (after another week)

  • Option to change indent [2, 4, 6]
  • Saving multiple themes, so you can switch between them easily
  • More options to modify Glitch workspace

Please note that they can be released quicker and I may add more to road map.

Maybe add the option to put a picture in the background ?

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I will try that, not everything is possible without breaking the editor :sweat_smile: