Glitch coding for roblox group ranking

Hello, I’ve been using glitch for a ranking app on the roblox platform, I do not own glitch Pro. However some anonymous person has been going onto my glitch api, stealing the cookie and raiding the group. I have emailed glitch about and their response was to use the “.env” I would love to use that but I do not know how to. I know how to make the variable but how do I make that vairable work on the server.js?

Pleaee may someone help me?

If the code is public it would be best if you pointed the readers to it. It would make it easier to explain the .env file. Fundamentally anything you want to keep a secret is stored in the .env file and read by code at runtime. The .env settings cannot be seen except by someone who is explicitly given access to them.

Your app would read the settings using this package: dotenv - npm

Here’s how to store environment variables on Glitch: How do I store secrets, credentials or private data? - Glitch Support.

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