glitching for some reason

So during programming I usually find myself writing in a line inside of a string using (‘writing here’).
Now there is nothing about this in particular, however there is some bug.
So when I am writing, just suddenly it goes over to ins mode in the editor, I got this disabled on my keyboard, so I doubt that I am pressing it.
What I usually have to do is to refresh the page and then go back down to fix it.
And while programming at school using my school iPad, if I press caps lock inside of a code like
if (!message.mentions.users.first()) {
return message.reply(‘Mention someone’);

It would just transform it into something like
if (!message.menssage.reply(‘Mention someone’);

And this is of course really annoying. I have no idea what’s causing this, but I just thought of reporting it.

If you want to look into my project, that is as always xnegnolustbot

Hey @zApexio thanks for the report! I’ve moved it to the Feedback category and I’ll have a look to see if I can reproduce it.

Another thing to into your feedback,
The support speed here is great.