Glitch,com is glitching out

it is reading ./config.json as ./congi.jsong
any help will be appreciated

Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Let us know your project name so we can take a look into it. If your project is private, then set it to public, or DM me a join link. Thanks.

Hello Gareth,

Baconhair has the same problem as I had. Tim a glitch developer said this:
It looks like you had a lone 0x0d character in your file somehow, and that confused the editor. I deleted that character, and now I seem to be able to edit your index.js without the problem showing up.

but that wasn’t the whole story:
Tim a glitch developer:
It turns out that wasn’t the whole story. It looks like your files were in Windows format, so their line endings were wrong, which confuses our editor. You can run dos2unix in the console to fix a file.

I did this for all of your files, and things seem to be working. I’ll also fix this problem so that they get converted automatically in the future.

I hope you know a fix for Baconhair.

this comment contained a join token, it has been redacted by an admin. Join token shouldn’t be shared publicly as they allow anyone to get write access to your project.

For now, you can run dos2unix on the files that are having issues. You can get to the console through the project menu -> Advanced. Then do this at the command line:

dos2unix <filename>

After you’ve done that for the files with problems, run the refresh command:


We’ll be putting a fix in the code some time this week.

@Tim how do i use the console

@baconhair, you can get to the console by clicking logs in the sidebar, and hitting the console :pager: button in the logs panel that opens up

when i click on console it leads me to a blank page. so where am i supposed to put dos2unix @pketh

you would type the command directly on the command line. You should see a black screen when you open the console

it leads me to a white screen tho @pketh

is it fully white? is there any text on the page?

it is a fully white screen and i cant type anything @pketh

any idea why this is happening @pketh

What browser and platform are you on? Can you open the browser console and see if there are any errors there? On Chrome, you can do that with F12.

I would also add that the typical cause of a white page in the console is the use of some specific browser extension that might interfere with the console. Try disabling them, or access the console in incognito/guest mode to see if the problem goes away.

yes theres errors on the browser console @Tim

thx i cleared my chrome extensions and it now works

It usually occurs with some extension that changes chrome web pages colors .Btw for me the white page on console occurred when i used night mode extension!!

@baconhair The issues with Windows-style line endings is fixed now.