searching slow

Searching among applications has become unbearably slow since the new database update for me. My computer and internet are 100% fine (i’ve ran speed tests and gotten great results. PC was built 2017 gaming pc, top specs at the time, and has not deteriorated much.) I would like some advice?

Clean up your projects?

Hey @8BitLifeHD, what sort of searching do you mean? On the page searching for users, collections, projects and the like? I haven’t personally noticed that being uncomfortably slow, but maybe I’m not searching for the right stuff? Can you give me a little more info to help me understand where it’s painful for you?

It doesn’t matter what project or users I search for. The website becomes slow after a few scrolls

hey 8bit, sorry you’ve been experiencing this!! if you can let me know what browser and operating system you’re using, along with a URL of a page you’re having a hard time scrolling through, I will try to reproduce and have the team take a look at it.

Can confirm this is happening to me, also opening the editor is slow but once it opens it’s fine.

Windows 10
Chrome 76.0

Apple iOS 12.4
Chrome 76.0
Safari 12.4

The page is just general searching through projects.
I am using:
Windows: 10
Google Chrome: 76.0.3809.100

hi 8bit, and also @shadowdevelopment - i am not able to reproduce this slowness, but i’m passing it on to the .com team so we can further investigate.

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ok :smiley: thank you for all of your help!

A bit more on this topic …

I did a search, got a page of results (for example ).

Then I left the tab open and came back to it in about 30 mins, maybe an hour or two, searching for love isn’t very precise …

The tab showed a blank page, and refreshing it made it do nothing for at least five minutes, upon which I gave up, closed the tab, and did another search, which worked.