Glitch completely screwed up my commit history

I was writing my Discord bot (It’s open-source on GitHub) and then I linked it with my GitHub repo. I made a special-access token for glitch and everything, only to discover that glitch completely **cked up my commit history. This is unacceptable that a hosting company like glitch would ruin my project’s reputation by flooding it with checkpoint! checkpoint! checkpoint! every few minutes. I tried the Git hook to disable it, but that just prevents my project from starting with a

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 7, column 8

and this is completely unacceptable. I had to git reset --hard 123456 losing a LOT of work.

The checkpoint commits are in place to make the rewind feature work.


Every change you make to the code makes another commit.

Or the project has a file that is being changed often, that is included in the git repo, so every file change is also a commit.

We recommend creating a folder called .data as a safe place to store your data files. This folder isn’t copied when a project is remixed.

Adding other files that are taking up too much space to .gitignore . Project files that take up alot of space are usually ones that your project rewrites often.

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That command wasn’t necessary. Glitch is doing it’s job, updating the files as you commit. You can disconnect it if you want to.

I understand, it’s that it’s an open source project and the thing is that it screwed up the commit history so I had to WIPE the commit logs from before Glitch was linked

This is what glitch is supposed to do lol. It’s the entire way the rewind feature works as git auto saves.

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