Glitch Connection Issue

Everytime I change my code, it says Reconnecting for 3 seconds, then refreshes and says connected but the script changes back.

Im coding a discord bot if that helps.

Could you provide a link to the project where this happens, and ill see if i can find anything

An edit link???

Project Page, and ill just snoop around the code and see if i can find anything

So if you check the logs you see a bunch of errors, most going to some directory called

The UUID I assume would be the project UUID, in this case, is the remixed project i made

I recommend downloading the project, open it up, make a fresh project and upload the project files, okay? If it doesn’t make sense, or you need help if this, just ask ツ

I attempted this, but my computer wasnt downloading it correctly. Is there a way you can do that and then like transfer project ownership? :grimacing:

uh, think so or I could try downloading it myself since I have access then send it to you as a zip using, which doesn’t save files on servers permanently because it deletes after viewing or 2 weeks.

I think it’d be easier if you try uploading it and making a project, but whatever you do is helpful!


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Okay, so making the project, gonna upload the files to private github repo, then import to glitch, then delete Github repo, and share the project edit link, then leave because this is your project

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Thanks so much. I really really appreciate it.

No prob ツ…

almost done with uploading to Github…

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What makes this take longer is im doing it on a Chromebook ツ

Thats alright!!! Thanks!

I think this won’t take as long if i give you the file because of how im uploading k?

Sure! Whatever works

It says page not found

Where? Glitch or Github?