Glitch constantly disconnecting


for the past day or 2 glitch would disconnect every time I added something. This only effects certain projects, while my other ones are completely fine. To solve this I have been forced to create a new project, download the code, and copy paste it all in. Re-mixing does not work either.

Does anyone know how to fix this? It’s not my internet or the files in my projects, I can’t even type a single character before it disconnects. If you need the project link it is affecting, contact me on discord, i will most likely not answer here. (Cyber#8380)


Hi @Cyberbullie,

It is very difficult to tell you what is going on without seeing the project itself, but this behavior typically happen when the project disk is full. To verify, go to the console and type df -h /app. It should tell you information about disk usage.


If your project is full, try running git prune and git gc to free up a little space.