Glitch Container limitations?

I’ve noticed that containers are limited by request numbers, bandwidth, ect. I’m curious if I could get an indepth or descriptive details about the limitations so I know the bounds to be able to avoid them. currently my project randomly returns 502s or my closes transport randomly. Any details would be lovely, thanks in advance.


The help page for this is pretty detailed :slight_smile:

That page doesn’t explain the problems my project has been facing.

Hi @RubyTheRose,

Could you please specify the problems your project has been facing?

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Reading the post, you’d figure it out.

Hey @RubyTheRose,

Fisrtly, try to figure out the problem about your ‘random disconnect’ and then, if you are still facing this problem, you can write to Glitch staff

I care less about the random disconnects then my container returning 503 errors.

Is it 503 or 502 errors you are receiving?

Both of them, occasionally.

It’s nothing on my software end, It’s the container, hense why I’m asking for detailed information.

Is the project set to private? Maybe you could set it to public for a while…

It seems you don’t understand my question. I want a detailed limitation sheet, a graph for usage of the container (maybe?), and the response codes or extensive data regarding state of the container, I looked into the API for the container but I couldn’t find much in terms on usage on it.

hi @RubyTheRose - we do not currently offer container info to users outside of the “Container Status” menu which you can access via Tools in the editor view of your project (and contains stats on CPU, Memory, or Disk usage). in the future we would like to offer more information, as well as a public API, but we don’t have a defined timeline for that yet.

Alright, sounds good, I was hoping for the same statistics on requests and other data!
Thanks anyways!

You would need a new or existing team. Add your project to it and then on the team’s page you can see how many requests your apps got and how many times it was remixed:

I would actually recommend better solve the disconnection problem

If you face Too Much Requests error, the code should be 429. So that means you have some bugs in your code.