Glitch CSS Limitations / Syntax?

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on hosting my skeleton library of CSS web components on glitch so I can access it anywhere.

I have been unable to get my page called “LayoutDemo” located in Layouts/Layout_Demo/LayoutDemo1.html to load the css.

The CSS for LayoutDemo is stored in Layouts/Layout_Demo/LayoutDemo1.css. It is imported into the master stylesheet in CSS_Setups/_Master.css, which is finally loaded into the page at Layouts/Layout_Demo/LayoutDemo1.html.

  1. Does Glitch not support importing items using @imports?
  2. Does Glitch not support utilization of CSS variables?
  3. Is a forward slash required before each file being imported? This is not required in other systems.
  4. Does anybody see why my CSS is not connecting? (Should see a blue gradient background once connected in LayoutDemo1.html)

Link to project:

Hello! Glitch DOES support CSS.

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I got it working :slight_smile:

And yes, it appears the CSS @imports and variables are supported.

I was dumb and had not imported a file containing a helper class for the background, but you can see a grid has been applied, and so the CSS is functioning properly.

Actually, Glitch does not support CSS. Your browser supports CSS. HTML, CSS and other markup languages are not programming languages, they’re read and used by a client, not by Glitch.


Alright! Nice to hear.

Thanks @ihack2712 for the clarification!