Glitch Custom Domains Not Working

I am currently using Glitch’s Custom Domains settings and NOTHING is working and I’ve tried this multiple times on multiple websites and apps I’ve made throughout the past 5 months and I’ve finally lost hope so I’ve come here to seek help.

I am using Freenom to host it and I’ve followed every step on the tutorial article here: How do I add a custom domain to my Glitch project? - Glitch Support and nothing is working. Please someone help, I’m desperate.

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Hi Mythic, that sounds frustrating. Can you post a screenshot of your freenom domain settings and Glitch domain settings for one of the domains you’re trying to hook up?

See also: Freenom domain name problem

Of course, sorry for late reply.

That’s a record for You’ll probably want to use www in the Name column for or @ for In the case of the latter, I think you’ll need to follow the steps in the “Using an A Record when your domain name registrar requires an IP address” section of that tutorial.


I did it but still gives me an error.

WAIT, it works. But how do I make it so it works for HTTPS?

classically the answer to that is just “wait.” it takes time, and there’s no progress indicator. it may even have started working by the time you read this

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Which message are you replying to? The HTTPS one?

yeah the https one

Thank you very much!

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