Glitch deleted my large code

I imported some code here from my computer, which I know is really long and often crashes normal text editors. I took it from a SCRATCH project to HTML code, then put it here so that I can run it on a website. However, even after waiting some time, the code doesn’t appear on the editor (although it runs fine). It’s frustrating, because I really thought glitch could handle it.

I’ve also tried adding it on but it’s also the same bugs.

How do I fix this?

EDIT Forget all that. I went to the website and saw it became a totally blank webpage. THis made me think that the code was deleted, not hidden due to bugs. Why is this happening?

Thanks for reporting, this is quite an interesting bug:

What I suspect is that the Glitch editor can only handle so much code. Your project seems to be over 1000 lines long and is also quite “wide” which may be breaking the editor.

Also, if you don’t mind sharing I would love to know what software you use to convert Scratch projects to HTML, I would love to have some of my old Scratch projects on my website!

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yeah, it’s really long. when I used the .txt editor I found that there’s tons of gibberish lines for my files

also the converter is HTMLifier (

This probably won’t work, but I’ve found that p3 tends to output smaller files, as it compiles the project to plain javascript, rather than inuding the entire vm. What might also be worth doing is downloading it as a zip so all the assets are seperate and therefore smaller than one big file.

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I tried it, but it appears to be really buggy. The background doesn’t look right and the animations tend to wiggle a lot.