Glitch Desktop App

I made desktop app for Glitch users (with electron)

Download Link : Download on GitHub


VirusTotal | (5 Antivirus says virus but trust me, not virus)

(Only Windows now)

(And my friend AhmetEsad helped me)

Cool. Maybe you can share the Github project so the community can maintain it. Also if the code is open source is better for trust the app.

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Agreed! I definitely think that it should be on a git repo I suggest either GitLab or GitHub.

GitHub Link


Thanks for the contribution to the Glitch forum!

Not to discourage you or anything, but looking at your code, you just instruct Electron to load the Glitch website… nothing really special, just the same as Glitch in the browser.

I am not glitch developer and i dont do better. I dont have glitch codes, files. Glitch devs can do better but I can’t

Good job doing it yourself and for putting up the source on GitHub.

For Mac, Linux, and Windows you can also use Nativefier which packages websites as electron apps.

I can send Linux and Mac version today.