GLITCH Disk Full Try removing unneeded files, and running git prune; git gc from the console

Hmm, why does it happened to me? all files I totaled size only 1MB or more, but, why?


large files, junk files. Check for those

Or try enable-pnpm to re-install all your modules once again to make sure.

i tried to remix this project(just for test), but why is different :frowning:
my new remixed project has 80MB disk usage and my old project 151MB(pict).

hmmm, maybe there is a glitch somewhere, can you run ls and send a screenshot?

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This is?

the terminal, open the terminal and run:


then send a screenshot

Looks good to me. Does enable-pnpm help?

try deleting node_modules and running npm install

rm -rf node_modules
npm install

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idont know :slight_smile:

still same, node module already deleted

Check this, this might help for you as well, read out the message carefully.

Use rm -rf /app/.git/ to delete the rewind cache to save a lot of disk space.

@SplitXPlayZ that is never a good idea.

It will delete any records of rewinds and the user won’t be able to rewind. This might seem like a good solution to some but truthfully it is a bad idea

I used it, and it will delete the rewind cache but it will save disk space.

EDT: Forgot to add warning. (do NOT try this at home or anywhere).

My methods are listed there:

  • Type git gc or git prune in your terminal to remove useless folders/files from your project.
  • Remove useless packages from your package.json.
  • Type rm -rf /app/.git/ in your terminal to remove your rewind cache. (Not recommended anyway)

Do NOT remove/delete your rewind cache, if you doesn’t know what you are doing.

Thanks for the warning, through.

wow thats weird. I have lots of projects, but i don’t have that :question:

No problem