Glitch Docs Permissions

Hi there,
I am looking for the Glitch documentation. I was given access to this spreadsheet a while ago and had been using it, but lately I’ve been denied access. Can you please make it public again?

Hey there. That document was not actually intended for public consumption and exposed a number of potentially problematic endpoints. At some point we’d like to release some public API documentation, but don’t have concrete plans to do so at the moment.

Sorry for the confusion!

EDIT: I should clarify - I misspoke. We initially intended that document to be public but later determined that there was potential for abuse with some endpoints, so we removed public access until we can sort things out and provide a more appropriate public API.

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Thanks for the response, sad to hear that. :slight_smile:

I apologize again for the inconvenience.

Could you give us a little more information on what API endpoints you were working with or what you were working on? The more we know about what creators would like to see in a public API the better we’ll be able to assess how to move forward.


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That’s okay @cori,
I was working on a command-line interface for Glitch (similar to gcloud, aws), so I was making use of most endpoints on the documentation. In the future I would like to have documentation on how the editor interacts with the back-end.