Glitch does not identify the machine

Hello. Although the name of our project angelbotweb said that the machine was not found when we entered the site, and this problem is caused by glitch. The name of our project is angelbotweb

Solve the error, please.

@EmirBolat, I see the website doesn’t load, are you seeing any errors in the Glitch Logs?

EDIT: It keeps loading and then I get the response Something in the code caused it to close the connection before providing a response.

No error. The only problem is not entering the site does not give error.

@EmirBolat, I don’t understand you, could you please be more clear and specific? :smiley:

Hi @EmirBolat!

Are you referring to this message?

You have set ~angelbotweb to be private; that means that other people cannot find it by searching on

Hope this helps,


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which does not give an error.

Yes. Although the machine is for the project can not find.

If you mean that other people can’t find your project by searching on, then you need to make the project public or else nobody can see the project except for you!

What can I do for the solution?

I have already done the project. When I entered the guide in says the project was not found. But there’s a project.

Just a question, was the project made by you?

yes I did the project.

Is the project private?

yes proje private…

Then, can you make it public?

no sry …

No, that’s okay! See, you need to make the project public or else it will show

unless that’s okay with you!

you need to setup server to let the public see your page. You can copy-paste a simple express server found anywhere. This is if you want the public to view your home page (${project-name}

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The site works completely fine for me.