Glitch Downtime - Nov 4th [Resolved]

Hey all - just posting this here so I can pin it for all the folks coming through.

We’re currently experiencing project downtime and while we found a fix, it will take some time for the deploy and for projects to restart. For the latest updates, you should check our Statuspage here:

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you so much for your helping each other out and being patient with us as we work this all out!


Finally we will get to code again :smiley:

Do you’ve access to your projects ?

i got an exact response time ( my discord bots ) to when it shut down
19:12 AM 22 seconds

if that is any help^

Hello again! As per our latest update (, we are still seeing issues after a recent commit revert, so we’re continuing to investigate what’s causing this downtime.


Niye Sadece Türkler konuşuyor. :smiley:

Hadi Biraz Hızlı bu gün Güncelleme Yapmam Lazım…

this is getting sooo, annoying… at least i can help troubleshoot with the id i got

:scream: Any update on the server status?
No update in 2 hours… getting a bit worried…

Doesn’t help at all, remember not only do they probably have that information already (most likely) but even more importantly, no one knows what timezone you’re in… (Also, you can’t use AM/PM when using the 24 hour format (and… it would be 7:12 PM not AM)).

but hey… you tried.

lol, and i know the source front(END) to back(END) to

I found something to help troubleshoot the issues. @jenn
I attempted to connect to the Glitch MySQL Database using a special thing, and I received the Error 204 or Error 205 The request could not be satisfied, I don’t fully remember but somewhere along those lines. And That’s a MySQL Error. So check your MySQL Services. Thanks. Kind regards, Liam.

Confused… was that a reply to me? Also (because I want to be annoying) you don’t need the “END” in brackets… simply, front-end and back-end and the last “to” is supposed to be “too”.

“Lol and I know the front-end and back-end too”.

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its a pun lol, i know the glitch side and absolutely everything it connects to, i know the repo, i know how to clone anything on it, basically ive done a ton of testing, and i know the site front to back

and, i hate corrections lol, this downtime is taking me out of my mind, im moving 28 packages right now from glitch when it lets me, to a seperate site


It’s a pun, lol and I know glitch (the website) and absolutely everything about it. I know repo and how to clone anything on it. To keep things short, I’ve done a lot of testing and know the site from front to back.

Oh and I love corrections, lol. This “Downtime” is making me crazy, I’m currently moving 28 packages to a different/alternative website, right now.

Yeah, forgot to change it when I created my account, only realized now.

you flipping …
i dont even know what to say, go help me with moving 92 packages with my company total, my other workers are darn moving 1 package each

im doing the heavy work trying to rescue all of the webserver connecting packages i own