Glitch Edit not working

Trying to edit my discord bot gives me this error it is still online though.

App name: Drop-bot
I’ve tried reloading countless times error still persists it looks fine on the status website though

Found out then when u load the site alot of failed to load due to ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID comes up in console

Hey @Bugless we haven’t seen anything widespread of this nature, can you let us know what you were doing and what page you were on when you ran into this? Also if you scroll down in that scrollable area is there an error id provided?

Hey @cori Well, I wasn’t using glitch at all I was just on google chrome and stuff before it though I defragged my pc which shouldnt change much but anyways there is no error code and I was on here “!/drop-bot” it is only
Unknown: Server error

    An unexpected error has occurred.

Are you still seeing it? I can’t reproduce it, and as far as I can tell no one else has reported it.

If you’re still seeing it can you provide the details of the request that’s showing the ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID error?

Yes, I am still seeing this and I’ve sent the links down below{IAMGROOT}&latestProjectOnly=true,929980a8-32fc-4ae7-a66f-dddb3ae4912c,cb519589-591c-474f-8986-a513f22dbf88

MOD EDIT: removed token

I’m not seeing certificate errors for any of those links, and here’s what the certificate info looks like.


What browser and operating system are you using, and do you still see the problem in an incognito window? When you have the opportunity can you try from a different network? Can you provide the certificate information for the cert on the links that are showing an expired certificate?

First of all, I’m on Google Chrome, Windows 10 and yes, the problem does still occur in incognito. Right now i’m not able to try a different network, the cerificate info

That looks to me like your antivirus is intercepting Glitch and providing an invalid intermediate certificate. What happens when you turn Bitdefender off?

Oh, it seems like your correct you got any idea why bitdefender is blocking it?

Not sure; I’m not familiar with Bitdefender and don’t use it, but it’s not terribly unusual for AV solutions to make some bad decisions every so often. I’ll ask around and see if anyone else on our team uses it, but if you’re able to track down any information they provide about what they’re doing to addresses we’d be happy to know about it!

@cori I’ve found this can’t seem to find anything else. Also what AV you using?

That doesn’t seem like a perfect match for this situation - no one else that I can tell is having a problem with Chrome verifying the SSL cert.

We all use different things, mostly I use ESET.