Glitch editor updates, January 13, 2022 πŸ“’

Hi there! Thanks for all your feedback on the new editor since we launched it last week! We’ve deployed a whole bouquet of updates in response to it that you should be able to see right now, including:

Color Mode

  • :new: Respects OS choice on dark/light mode
  • :bug: No more flash of weird in-between styling
  • :new_moon: Dark mode is highly improved, especially contrast


  • :dart: Larger icons, click targets where you expect them


  • :mag: Larger icons
  • :left_right_arrow: Better tab-stop between menu items


  • :window: Preview window stays closed after you close it, until you open it again


  • :iphone:Vastly improved (non-broken) mobile experience

We also deployed some fixes for issues users were reporting with changing names on project pages which should be resolved as well.

As always, if you run into any bugs, don’t hesitate to contact us at or email directly so we can help out with those asap for you!


Ok this is cool and all but when do we have the option to switch to the old editor


cool i hope this is a good update

When time machines are invented, respectfully.


We kind of have one :slight_smile: , though you’re going to have to modify this a bit.*/
If you can make this work :), rest in peace traditional editor.

insert sad flute theme
please let us use the old editor someday, the new one kinda sucks in my opinion.

although i don’t like the new editor, I feel bad for glitch staff getting 24/7 messages saying it sucks


This one looks good, but says can’t start the editor: Glitch :ο½₯゚✧