Glitch embeds running into adblocker issues


Hi there! The company I work for is launching a public API, and we’re using a glitch sample project we made to get people up and running. We <3 glitch so much we’ve embedded the sample project on our developers homepage, which is causing some users issues – they either don’t see the project (just the remix on glitch button) or they do see the project, but with the “Unexpected Error” message.

It looks like Privacy Badger in particular is blocking and Is there something we can do to switch off or modify whatever tracking scripts are involved? The same error seems to be happening with the native adblockers in Opera as well.

Let me know what else you’d like to know. Our url is and the project we’re using is

Screenshot of Privacy Badger


Hello @bermannoah

You can press the “Disable Privacy Badger for This Site” button, and then this site will “gain trust points” and when the Glitch domain earns a certain amount of trust points it will be a trusted domain, I think. That’s at least how Ghostery does it and a few other adblockers.


Hey thanks @ihack2712! I’ve done so but it doesn’t seem to be a long-term solution, or solve the identical issue with Opera’s built in blockers. I’m wondering if there’s a config I’ve missed somewhere or if maybe there’s an issue with the CDN?


Hey Noah, I don’t think we’re intentionally violating any of the guidelines that Privacy Badger suggests, though I suspect we may not be reporting our Do Not Track compliance in whatever way PB needs to detect it. We’ll take a look and see if we can get that addressed ASAP.


Hey @anildash – thanks for getting back to me. It’s curious because Privacy Badger doesn’t have an issue with things on itself, but only on the embeds. Maybe it just doesn’t like iframes. :slight_smile: I should mention that somehow the embed is also running afoul of Opera’s built in blockers, but I imagine the two are related somehow. I appreciate you looking into this!