Glitch for VS Code Extension - Sunset + Feedback

Hi all!

We’re making some very exciting changes to the Glitch editor, but we anticipate that this work may lead to breaking the Glitch for VS Code extension. To get ahead of that, we are going to be phasing out the extension by the end of this year.

If you’ve been using our Glitch for VS Code extension, we’d greatly appreciate your feedback in this survey, which also goes into more detail on what “phasing out” means here. If you can send your responses before October 31, we can make sure it’s considered as we move forward on this process.

I look forward to hearing your feedback, and thank you for being a part of the community!


The glitch for vs code extension is good for coding full-stack apps, faster

It’s sad that it’s going to be removed because of the new changes. I am happy to hear updates to the editor, though :smiley:

Anyways, I feel that a good feature for the Glitch editor is auto-completion and better linting.

I also took a look at the survey and saw this typo:



Typo fixed, thanks for flagging that. You should post that feedback to the survey, I think it’s good!


So you will delete the vscode app?

Well, yes, the glitch engineers will delete it.

Submitted the form. Back when I used Glitch for my website (i still use it today, but more so for POCs and tests), I would always code with the extension. The extension is handy because I love the layout and feel of VS Code.


It would be my dream for the VS Code editor to be the web editor for Glitch :heart_eyes:


I vote for Cloud9!

I recently found out that the VS Code extension is great for staying on task and focusing on larger projects. I feel like it has improved my efficiency by a lot, because I was able to finish a project pretty fast while learning React a bit more. I’m also very picky about ide themes so I pefer using vscode in some cases for comfort.
Another thing I like about vscode is the use of icons which allows me to quickly find files in some cases. The sidebar also uses icons instead of words which I like

It would also be nice if glitch could have customisable keybinds becuase keybinds can help speed up coding.


and some good auto completion, since you are getting rid of the VScode extension.


Hey, which VSCode theme is that?

It’s called Horizon,

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Oh, I am really snoopy


though I have to say thanks to @javaarchive for adding autosave :wink:

but all of it will be gone

when the extension gets removed.

I also submitted feedback to the form.

wait, WHAT??? ;-;


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Basically what I was saying was that the vscode extension is going away, as defined by the topic name and description.

that’s what i thought

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Would I still be allowed to setup a script that automatically sends changes back into glitch and triggers reload when file changes are detected, it’s pretty much the same with the glitch extension from that point on

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I wanted to thank everyone who has submitted to the survey so far, and to remind folks that we’re accepting submissions until the end of the week!