Glitch For Your API


Following Gomix Glitch For Your API article – I would love to have the API keys in the instance to instant play with the API.

… and also have an playground similar to (instant feedback, fast autocomplete, on demand documentation)


I’m not clear on what you mean about the API keys. Are you saying that the API keys are missing when a project is remixed? That’s usually intentional, and depends on how the starter project is set up. If you want remixes to be possible but not include your API keys, then you can keep them in .env. If you want them to be public and remixed with the project, you could include them in the source.

Maybe you’re asking something else. If so, let us know.


I took it to mean you’d like us to fetch the API keys from a third-party API and pre-populate them for you, so for example, having linked your Glitch account to Twilio then get your Twilio API keys and it would auto add them making it effectively zero-setup?


Yes @Gareth — have everything ready at one click to play quickly