Glitch full disk error

Hey @ArataNagis it looks like your project is changing some files regularly and those changes are taking up a bunch of space in your project’s git repository. To resolve this:

  1. add whatever files are being changed regularly to a gitignore file
    1. Database or sqlite files are pretty common culprits here, or you can use your project’s console and run git log --stat and scroll through the results, looking for files that show up numerous times; pressing q will allow you to exit the git log process. You can also use git log --name-only --format="" | cat | sort | uniq -c | sort -nbr to get a sorted list of which files have been committed the most times in your project’s history, although that list may include files you’ve already gitignored
  2. open your project’s console
  3. type git prune and <enter>
  4. type git gc and <enter>
  5. type refresh and <enter>

After you’ve done that you’ll have cleaned up any excess space in your project’s repo and hopefully it won’t just fill back up again. I’ve expanded your project’s disk space for 24 hours to allow you time to resolve this.