Glitch <> GitHub Sync - Destroyed my Website!

I have installed onto my Website Glitch Repo and now everytime I try to visit my website I get {"message":"not found","result":"error"} as text showing up. When it should be displaying my index.html and website files. Could someone please help me use the Glitch <> GitHub system but also keep my website intacted. My Website URL is: I would like this fixed due to that my website is for my Web and Graphics Design Business and I would like it back up as soon as possible.

you’ll need to share the glitch project name for us to be able to take a look.

Okay, here is the glitch project: | It is private

Since it’s private, you’ll need to provide me with a join link to be able view it. Click on my name and you can DM it to me.

Sent you the link :wink:

Your site is back, I’ll take a look at the GitHub sync later.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I have a tip for the GitHub Sync. Maybe turn it into a NPM Package / Module so then it is easy to install might help a little bit with the installation.

My Website has the same error again, sorry but could you please fix it again. Also, you should make a tutorial on how to fix that. It is the same Repo. just to let you know. Edit: I acually have fixed the issue.